Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Background: TZ's relationship with the World Bank is Established, Online

The World Bank has said relations with the Tanzanian government and the bank have strengthened and ensured Tanzania's strong cooperation in various development sectors.

Resident Director of the World Bank, Ms. Mr Marwick had said this in the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in East Africa, in Dar es Salaam when he met and held talks with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Prof. Prague John Kabudi (Mb).
Mrs. Marwick said the relationship between the bank and Tanzania is good and that the World Bank values ​​the relationship from the 1960s to the present and is ready to continue to support through various government-funded development projects.

“We have a good relationship with projects and investments where we facilitate government in various areas. We are also working together on key issues such as analysis of development policies which implies that the World Bank will continue this partnership in ensuring that Tanzania maintains strong relationships and sustainable development, ”said Ms Marwick.

He added that in the talks, they have discussed important issues about Tanzania's development, especially education, infrastructure projects, the industrial economy, and the development of the people.

For his part, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of East Africa, Prof. Palamagamba John Kabudi (Mb) said Tanzania would continue relations with the World Bank and called on Tanzanians to ignore the rumors and rumors circulated on social networks about Tanzanian relations with the Bank and instead await official information from the Government and the World Bank.

"The relationship between Tanzania and the World Bank is strong and well underway, and the World Bank Director has assured us that during this period that he is a director here he will continue the same relationship.

"A lot is said but a lot is not true and sometimes it is not wise for everything they are said to answer because it can get them out of the mainstream activities and you find yourself daily responding to rumors or heresies on social media and other things," said Prof. Back.

Prof. He has added that in the talks they have also focused on strategic projects that Tanzania is implementing, some in local currency or by obtaining a loan from the World Bank.

"We have talked at length about partnerships in education, especially girls' education and human resource development, and mentioned other areas of cooperation which include the infrastructure, health, water and energy sectors," added Prof. Back.

Prof. He has also added that Tanzania is lending to the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the East African Development Bank and many other financial institutions and the Government always ensures that all the required criteria are maintained but largely repay the borrowed debt and that is why it is trusted and loaned by all the money borrowed is sent to basic projects to make the nation self-reliant over the next few years.

On another occasion, the Minister must have met and held talks with the Executive Secretary of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), Dr Stegomena Taxi and chat with him about various things about SADC.

Good Abortion Two Kanumba Pregnancy, Mother Breaks Out Recovery

DREAMS! Brain movie star, Isaac Goodbye Isaac Sepetu 'Madam' has reunited the mother of the famous Bongo actor, the late Steven Kanumba, Flora Mtegoa after she confessed that she had given birth to her son.

Speaking to the WEEKLY WALKING magazine after being asked how she talks about Goodwill's confession that she had ever had two abortions in Kanumba, the mother said she felt excited about the statement and was keen to see her face to face to find out what they would do.

"Well until the hair was really excited, I really want to talk to Goodbye and stay with her.

The mother added that she loved Good more than even Lulu (she was Kanumba's boyfriend before the death) because she is a person who remembers her and even when they meet everywhere the woman is very happy.
"I long for Good to come see her, I have something I want to tell her and I love her because she is a very different daughter than Lulu, since everyone who sees me everywhere is very happy with me. I wish Kanumba would be there, ” said Kanumba's mother with a tearful cry.

Kanumba, who died on April 7, 2012, had a romantic relationship with Goodwill and introduced her to a drama where they divorced and later entered into a relationship with filmmaker Elizabeth Michael 'Lulu'.

Nafasi Ya Kazi KCB Bank – IT Quality Assurance Specialist

Job Title: IT Quality Assurance Specialist
Organization Name KCB Bank Tanzania
Department Description Information technology

Brief Description
Performing quality reviews on business requirements through standardized testing methods and strategies, leading execution of functional and non-functional tests and implementing quality testing and reporting processes while ensuring strict adherence to KCB Group’s software quality assurance framework.

Detailed Description
Champion and coordinate business requirements reviews across functional teams and ensures that the business requirements are complete, precise and testable.
Works with project team to define and create overall project test strategy/test plan, plan test schedules or strategies and Identifies test resources, estimates test effort in accordance with project scope or delivery dates and ensures that the test strategy is adopted.
Develop, document and maintain functional and non-functional test cases, test scripts and all other test artifacts including test data, data validation criteria and scripts, harness scripts and automated scripts.
Works collaboratively with the business units and project teams to execute and validate test cases based upon business requirements and ensures that the test cases are traceable to the requirements.
In collaboration with GEA and other critical stakeholders, tune the SQA processes, adopt tools and define re-usable templates in-line with the adoption and maturity of the SQA Framework.
Define test process including required test activities and deliverables, conduct Test Readiness Assessment, establish test environments and ensure that test environments are available for all planned white box and black box testing activities.
Engages, champions and collaborates with technical teams / personnel in non-functional testing including integration, regression, load / performance, security and usability testing.
Prepare, share and review test results periodically, report any defects, bugs, errors, configuration issues, and interoperability flaws and develop test acceptance reports for projects and software changes.
Works with business units to perform post deployment sanity and regression tests and post-implementation review within defined period to confirm that the deployed solution works as per the business requirements.
Identify, log and track for closure of any deviations from the approved quality assurance standards and processes.
Testing of fixes and changes prior to promotion of Data Libraries to T24 Live Production.
Job Requirements
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or a related field of study


Soldiers who Die in Accidental Elephants

MAMIA civilians showed up yesterday, January 4, 2020, at a police force in Njombe province to dispose of the bodies of three soldiers who died in an accident early on the morning of the third day when the accident involved Sharon's passenger taxi T349 CXD. and police vehicle with registration number PT 3734.
The soldiers who died in the crash are H 4401 Marianus Said Hamissi , H6802 PC Michael Mwandu and soldiers H 7486 PC Hery Athmani,  both of whom have been transported to their homes for burial.

Speaking at the funeral, the Njombe Regional Commissioner , Cristopher Ole Sekile, said the government had lost important young men who had died while they were on their way to serve the nation and wanted more soldiers to be patient during this difficult time.
"The accident has taken away three of our young men, two of them Moi Muhimbili we have evacuated yesterday by plane and the others at our Kibena hospital and all agencies will monitor the facts of the incident and the perpetrator of this wrongdoing will be taken legal action," said Ole Skile.

And the commander of Police Region Njombe, Hamis Issa, has thanked the residents of the region Njombe to come out and volunteer contributions to ensure all soldiers who died flown towards them for burial.

"Citizens have shown how much you love your young people, and these bereaved have actually died as they go to fulfill the legal role, we thank them very much," said Issa.

One of the residents in the region , Solanus Mhagama, said he was saddened by the death of the young soldiers and asked the government to put the dunes together and extend the road to avoid an accident in the area.

The accident caused by a passenger car accident resulted in three deaths of police officers at a gas station in Njombe region while nine others were undergoing treatment at Njombe hospital in  Kibena and the national hospital in Mhimbili.

The cult has been attended by religious leaders who have used the opportunity to urge citizens to abide by the rules of road safety to avoid accidents caused by negligence.

Two Arrested with Drugs

 Acting Commissioner General of the Control and Combating Drugs Authority, Wilbert Kaji (left) depicting two suspects, Stanley Salvatory Ngowi or Sultan Salvatory Ngowi and Jimmy Walter Mlaki, arrested for allegedly transporting drugs. 
THE country's Control and Anti-Drug Administration has continued its momentum to end the network of drug and drug dealers by arresting two teenagers who were distributing the drugs.

Speaking to reporters Acting Commissioner General of the authority, Wilbert Kaji, has named the suspects as Stanley Salvatory Ngowi or Sultan Salvatory Ngowi (24) a resident of Tabata Segerea Dar and Jimmy Walter Mlaki (24) a resident of Kinondoni, Dar.

The suspects are in custody.
Kaji said the suspects were arrested in Ubungo-Kibo, Dar, areas on January 27 this year with a Sienta colored Silva vehicle with registration number, T 776 DSE.

He added that the authorities conducted a search of the vehicle and seized the dough which, after a laboratory test from the Chief Chemist, was confirmed to be 508.163 grams of Heroin.

Commissioner Kaji emphasizing the matter at the event.
Also, in the search, the officers seized a digital scale along with various documents.
According to Commissioner Kaji the suspects are expected to appear in court at any time from now on.
The arrests have been triggered by a trap set up by the authorities in Kibo-Ubungo locations following reports of the presence of the traders where despite the arrests, two of their companions managed to escape.

Occupational media in connection with the incident.
Kaji urged the public, especially the youth, who are the largest party to be drugged and drugged, to not engage in the business in any way.

He added that the anti-narcotics law in the country is in the 95th chapter, imposing severe penalties for life imprisonment for anyone who is suspected of engaging in illegal trade.

Hurt Your Heart and the Lover?

U NAPOZUN-DISCUSS the issue of sexual pain, although it is especially painful if you had a strong love affair with your spouse and later decided to turn you around, it's not a new issue in the world.  When you cry today for love, understand that millions of people are crying like you, though we differ in how to deal with pain. But the question is, if your partner hurts you so much, is it okay to pretend that you will never love again?
Is it fair to say that nowadays there is no will to the truth just because he has hurt you? Is it correct to say that all men are the same or that all women are?
The fact is, when you are discouraged it does not mean that it is your last love. When you pretend that you will never love or trust anyone again, it is a serious mistake because if your partner has failed to appreciate the value of your partner, there is someone who will appreciate and respect you. There is a popular saying that when one door closes, the other opens at the same time but most of us spend more time looking at the one that is shut rather than following the one that is open.
The saying has so much meaning to love that if your spouse has wronged you, hurt you, made you angry and made you cry, you know that he wasn't your satisfaction. You cannot know what God has avoided and so instead of rebuking and blaspheming, it is best to accept the truth, even though it is very painful.
Once you accept the truth, you are in a better position to heal the wounds in your heart and I assure you, no matter how much you loved the person you were with, if they reached the point of hurting you and breaking your heart, they were not your livelihood. your.
There is another saying that many people don't realize the importance of something until they lose it, and at the same time you will never know what you were missing until you find it. You may have loved him a lot but you will never know what you were missing until you meet the one who has the deepest will, who will respect and care for you.
What hurts most is the high expectations they have for their spouse. When you show genuine love to your spouse, it does not mean that he or she will show you the way you want it to be.
You may love too much but end up getting paid badly, the thing to consider is that if you decide to love, love with all your heart and if the one you love is right for you, you will find yourself contented and happy.
When you set too high a expectation that your partner will love you at the same level as you love, and if he or she goes the opposite way, the pain becomes even greater. For today it's just that, for some great love topics, hear me on The Late Night Show Episode + +255 Global Radio from 4pm, from Monday to Thursday. Download the 255 Global Radio App through your mobile phone and wait until four o'clock at night to join me in a wonderful session that discusses romantic matters and good music entertainment.

Man Utd Has Found Player Player

FORMER Bruno Fernandes has completed his Manchester United bid for £ 68 million (Sporting Lisbon) from Portugal.

All January last year, rumors were rife about Manchester United hunting down the midfielder but things finally came true.
Now that they get their man, what can Manchester United fans expect from this midfielder?
Below we have listed 6 things that show you the quality of Fernandes on the field.

One of the great qualities of Fernandes is his ability to shoot off shots, while the other looks for a chance even in the middle of the field.
This Portuguese is a bit harsh when it comes to firing away shots with his powerful right foot.
One of the club's most successful goals has been Liverpool's 2-2 draw earlier in the season.

'Maia's Cannon', that is what Fernandes is known to for his Portuguese fans due to his ability to shoot strong and accurate shots. But this relative is also an expert on dead balls, in the sense of fines and penalties.

Fernandes has always been good at shooting balls and is very good at striking those balls.
After completing the training with the team, he has been learning how to hit the balls of faeces like his Portuguese counterpart, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Fernandes has often been one of the first players to score and has been a starting pitcher in his opponent's box.
He has been kicking in terms of his team's strategy or coach. It is very effective in stressing opponents who like to play balls in the link area.

On several occasions, with Sporting along with the Portuguese national team, he managed to break balls, own and create decent scoring opportunities for himself or for his teammates.

If the corner balls are hit, you will see Fernandes on the sidelines waiting for the ball to fall into his leg and shoot a shot towards the opponents' gate.
He has been doing this for most of his football life, especially when Italy was in the Sampdoria squad.

With Sporting, where he has played for the last three years, he has scored a lot of goals this season. So expect to see him spinning around in the danger zone when the corner balls are hit.

One of his other qualities is the speed he has been showing after reading the game.
Fernandes has a lot of mind and realizes that the speed he has can cause opponents to confuse and cause problems when the team makes a surprise attack.
He has been involved in countless shocking attacks in the Premier League (Primeira Liga) and the Italian Premier League (Serie A).

Despite not being one of the tallest players at 5 feet and 8 inches tall, Fernandes is excellent at batting head and has scored many goals for the hairstyle.

It is clear that he has been struggling with high balls when he encounters tall defenders, but he can read and understand the precise position of putting himself in the position of hitting his opponent's back.
It is not uncommon to see him in the middle of the danger zone waiting for the defender's midfielder to score high, especially when the team makes a shocking attack.